About Us

Origin Solar originates solar projects using proprietary algorithm-driven methods in the Northeastern U.S. We find sites for solar, shepherd them through town permit approvals and interconnection with the utility, and locate offtakers. Read the press release on our partnership with Citizens Energy. For more information about investing in our Company or partnering with us, email us.

  • 2015

    Consistent, Reliable Income

    Our projects provide landowners with consistent, reliable income for their property. Community solar means that we sell the output back to the grid and it helps people in your community reduce their power bills and use green energy. You will feel good about helping not only your own financial situation but also enabling neighbors to go solar and save money.

What We Do

Finding Superior Projects

We only work with land which has high potential and identify projects in areas where permitting is likely to be feasible.

Finding Buyers for the Power

We find qualified buyers for each community solar array in the local community.

Minimizing Risk

We minimize risk for landowners, investors, and community solar buyers by ensuring that all our projects are well-capitalized and developed by highly qualified engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) partners.